Female Look

118   2014-01-15    22   02 Physical Changes                        Female Look


It was getting dark, so this picture is not very good but sort of grainy. Still, my objective at that moment was to look like a woman when completely naked, and I believe I do look like a female. Might not be the best looking female, but it seems to me the general shape is good enough to get an older man interested in some “interaction” (other than just talking, LOL)

I say an older man because my interests are in men between 50 and up, with a strong preference for men in their 60’s. And the reason for that is that I myself am 51 right now.

Just a little weight loss and body re-shaping, and I think the general look could be good enough to attract some “action” when walking naked in a beach.

Lately I’ve been so seriously thinking in surgery for sex reassignment and silicone implants! What if I end up my days as a female instead of a male?