Under the Rain

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On September last year, at about 3 O’clock in the morning it was windy and rainy, and I was spending some time in solitude at the park by the lake. Seating in my vehicle watching the rain and listening to the wind, knowing the temperature was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I was enjoying the moment of solitude and peace you can find in a park at those hours in the early morning and in those uncomfortable conditions; but I was inside my vehicle with the heater on, so it was very relaxing.

Suddenly, like an impulse coming out of nowhere, I had to try it!

I got my clothes off and went outside to stand under the rain and the wind for a moment, just to feel them while being naked; and since it was very dark, I left the head light ON and stepped in front of the vehicle to be illuminated enough, so to have the chance to take a picture.

It was coooold! But at the same time it was fascinating to be naked under the rain, feeling the wind in my almost frozen skin, and being completely blinded by the head lights from my car, not being able to see around in the darkness, and not knowing if someone could be there, watching me. It was a moment of feeling completely defenseless and vulnerable!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sort of masochist or anything like that. What fascinates me is the contrast between our daily life and all the comforts that we take for granted, and the reality of being alive in a life we have become so dependant on our creature comforts to, more than survive, be able to live every single day, no matter what the external conditions might be.

At that moment I had the chance to experience how fragile we really are and how much we need our everyday technology; realization that helps me to keep my feet on the ground and not become like many people I have known, that think that just because they make some money and have some material stuff, believe they have their lives and their place in society under complete control.

No matter how much technology we might achieve, and how much money and material stuff we might accumulate, we still are very defenseless creatures against nature and life itself, and like I mentioned before, situations like these allow me to keep my feet on the ground, at the same time of letting me to feel grateful for all the material comforts I have, rather than sad for all the things I don’t have.

After a short moment standing outside enduring the conditions, I went back to my car just to spend several minutes with the heater at full, so to warm up my body a little bit before putting my clothes on again. Then I drove away, happy of having tried another crazy thing; and happy of having my old, battered car with a working heater!