116   2014-01-11    25   01 Psychology and Mind                  Innocence


Somehow I love this picture! I am not an innocent girl by any means (as the pose suggests), but I am inexperienced and just beginning this whole crossdressing thing.

So far I’ve been with only one man while I was being a girl (I’m Happy!), and it was just one encounter with lots of mouth kissing, body touching and breasts sucking and liking, but not fucking (we were in a public park, inside my vehicle)…and we never met again. He wanted to be the girl next time and I told him I thought he was the man, so he never wrote to me again. I never got to be fucked as I wanted, so I’m still “virgin” and in search of my first time to give myself to a man.

That’s why this picture somehow seems to reflect the point I am right now when it comes to sex with a man: Virgin, inexperienced, somehow innocent, and a little scared of how it’ll go, but wanting to try and even being a little aggressive in offering myself to someone.

Maybe someday it’ll happen, and I hope it’ll be a wonderful experience that will leave me wanting more in the future. Who knows…