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The two or three times that I’ve used make up to enhance my breasts the results were fine, giving them the appearance of being bigger and rounded. The problem I did experience though is that just with the clothes touching them (like a T shirt), the make up simply disappear!

In one encounter with a man, he spend some time sucking my breasts with his mouth (how delicious!), and liking my nipples with his tongue (I was in heaven!), but the problem was that the make up simply didn’t last more than a couple of minutes and it was completely gone, leaving me without enhanced breasts to show and share (wink, wink).

So I‘ve been thinking about what can I use instead of make up, so the lines and shadows would last for a couple of hours rather than a couple of minutes when my breasts are touching clothes, and even more, when my man is playing with them.

Even though I haven’t tried anything yet (lack of time available), I’ve been thinking what could be the result when using paint for body painting, or even vinyl paint! What I think I need is something that is waterproof (saliva proof, LOL), so it’ll be strong enough to withstand lots of touching, handling, sucking, liking, etc (now I’m horny! LOL).

To me, it wouldn’t matter if to remove it later I have to use something like acetone, as long as the paint last several hours of intense workout (LOL).

Not only it’ll give me the opportunity to enjoy more a man, and for him to enjoy more my body, but also It’ll also give me the opportunity to experience lots of female nudity outdoors, like swimming, kayaking, hiking, etc, all while letting my breasts to be sunbathing (and available to be watched by anyone interested in doing so) (sometimes I can be such a slut! LOL).

So I’ll start trying different possibilities (time permitting) and I’ll let you know what the results are.



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