Snow Walk

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These are older pictures I found (November 2008). At that time I wasn’t shaving my body and wasn’t crossdressing yet, so you can see how hairy my body suppose to be.

I like these pictures because, to me, they reflect my extreme desire for nudity, even to the point of challenging cold weather; and also I like the contrasts of the white snow with the darker body. But mostly to me it seems to reflect the inner desire to go to the extreme in an attempt to challenge society rules.




It was cold, I remember; around 20 degrees Fahrenheit at about 5 O’clock in the morning. The place is a trail in a local State Park. I was very nervous; trying to be aware of anybody showing up at that moment in that place, so to have enough time to “disappear” before someone could call the police (you can see there were fresh foot prints in the same trail).

After a short moment I went back to my vehicle to warm up and put some clothes on, but not before contemplating the nice moment when the sun came up behind the lake.




It was a very nice experience where, at one hand I was very tense and nervous for the possible legal consequences, and at the other, the joy of experiencing nudity in the outdoors once more, even if the temperature was so low.