Into 2014

112   2014-01-02    23   04 Trips and Adventures                 Into 2014


Just finished the celebrations for New Year and already into the first days of 2014; time really go by quickly!

As plans go, now I start working in preparing my own place to live after the divorce. She will stay in the house and I will take possession of the old 19 feet motorhome we had; and since we never used it and it spent the past nine years just parked in the driveway, now that I activated it all the problems are starting to show up: The refrigerator stopped working; the furnace didn’t even start; the water heater remains cold despite the pilot light being ON.

As you can see, I have lots of work to do in getting the machine working, so I can use it as my studio apartment on wheels (without having to pay rent).

My hopes are that in about three months I’ll be done with all these “little details” and ready to start really having a different kind of life, which includes taking more time to go out to the mountains to enjoy nudity and sunshine. So far, when going to the mountains, I’ve done it driving my vehicle and going for the day, but now that I’m single again, and with the motorhome active, I expect to start spending nights also in the wild.

I can’t wait so I can also go wild! LOL

In the meantime, here is a picture as a bunny I took some time ago (I guess I’m still in the spirit of celebration).