New Year!

111   2013-12-31    09   07 All Others                                    New Year!


Last day of 2013! And tomorrow we start another brand new year, with all the hopes and plans we always have for a better future.

It hasn’t been a good year for me since there was too much work in things I don’t have interest anymore, leaving me with no time to have a life the way I wanted. It also was the year I divorce, which brought with it the sadness of departure after so many years together, yet also brings the hopes and the freedom to pursue the kind of life I did wanted for such a long time.

So even the balance of 2013 isn’t good when it came to living, it did bring at the end the open door to a better 2014, and with it, a new life and many exiting things to discover and experience.

No commitments for now, but just the feeling of a new born, ready to be marveled at the amazing life ahead.

Happy 2014 for everybody!