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I found these pictures in the internet while searching for images of prostitutes for the post “Dancing Shadows”. It really impressed me the “outfit” of this girl to be walking a public street in daylight!

I can’t deny that if I had an attractive female body like her, the thought of going out dressing like that would be in my mind most than once! Maybe I would like to be a prostitute; maybe I just crave lots of attention as a female, I don’t know; but I do believe it is necessary to have a very strong personality to do that.


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If I can fix my body and ways to reflect an attractive woman, I’m sure it’ll follow to go out dressing very sexy and sexually attractive; maybe not to the extent of this girl, but definitely in a very prostitute-like way.

Unlike many crossdressers and TS, who try to resemble a respectable lady, my desires are more in the sexual side, meaning by that that I prefer a simple outfit that shows a desirable woman. In other words, I prefer the kind of clothing that is used to “protect” from society a desirable body, rather than clothes that “enhance” the elegance of a personality.

That’s why I’m not really into elegant combinations but more into the simplicity of clothes that suggest to be easily removed for a quick sexual encounter.

So yes, I guess I would dress like a prostitute! LOL