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For what I’ve seen around, when men and women set a profile in a dating site on the internet they are searching for different things.

It seems single/divorced women over 35 are searching for financial stability and using sexual attraction to get a good catch. At least that’s what my ex has told me about some of her colleagues at work. They seem to be searching for a fix to their financial problems, and all the hot pictures they post are with the intention of attracting candidates to select one from. After a couple of dates with some hot sex, they start the getting married procedure, in which time their catch seem to loose interest or plainly disappear.

At the other hand, men (single and married) are searching for sex, mostly without commitment, and when the catch starts talking about marriage, they call it time to move on.


I am a male who feels as a woman and is searching for sex without commitments.

That puts me in a (I believe) very good position (other than bent forward with my legs spread apart, LOL). I’m talking about being the ideal date for a man who wants a very sexy, horny and sexual woman that would give him all the things most women won’t give him, like lots of sucking his cock, swallowing, being naked for him to play with her body and fuck her any time and as many times he wants, etc. All without commitment and/or marriage; and without the fear of her getting pregnant!

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a very complicated situation by being a straight man who has a straight woman inside, and others it feels like by searching on the right places I could be a very desirable catch. LOL