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Christmas is here, and almost the end of another year!

It feels so strange since yesterday was the 30th anniversary of my just dissolved marriage a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we celebrated with her our friendship and the previous years of so many things that happened; good and bad. There are so many memories after such a long time!

Still, I believe we can remain friends, helping each other when the need arises, independently of whatever turn our lives can go from now on.

So it was lunch at a nice restaurant just the two of us, and conversation about whatever came to mind; all in the spirit of friendship, and as a prelude of the years to come. I believe divorce doesn’t have to be such a terrible thing since, at one hand both are fixing their lives for a better one, and at the other, there are always good thing to remember from the previous years, which are good reasons to be friends in the years to come. Wouldn’t you agree?

So let me wish you all a very Happy Holidays, and may the spirit of the season be in everybody’s heart.