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This picture is from some time ago, before I started crossdressing. It is of one of my trips to a hidden State Park here in the Colorado Mountains.

As you can see, I just love hiking naked! And when I saw this picture in my computer, I couldn’t avoid a smile and remember the wonderful times I spent alone in the open enjoying nudity while walking the land.

This made me think of my future alone, after divorce, and considering that I need a place to live and don’t have much money available, the thought came to my mind that maybe I should buy a piece of land in the mountains, far enough to be alone in an area where nothing exist yet, and cheap enough for me to afford it.

So searching the net I found 5 acres lots available for under $10k in this very same area the picture was taken at (about 10 miles away). The distance to my job would be about 100 miles and two hours driving each way, but I believe (for now) that it might be a good idea.

You see, I have a small 19 feet motorhome that I’m going to use as my home (she keeps the house and I’ll keep half of the mortgage payment and the motorhome, which is paid for) so if I get a small piece of land to park it…I have a home! Being the land between 5 and 9 thousand dollars, I could pay it in about 5 years, and then there’ll be no rent and no mortgage for me. Sure it’ll be an undeveloped site far in the mountains and an old (1986) 19 feet motorhome, but in this complicated economy I prefer small but all mine, rather than big and uncertain (just like my lover’s cock) LOL

So I’ll keep investigating about these sites in the mountains and the feasibility for me of something like that, and then decide what I should do. I’ll keep you posted of what happens.