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January 01, 2014 would mark the beginning of a completely new life for me; I divorced!

What happens is that after almost 30 years married in a relationship that never worked, and being my child already an adult, the time for me to move on has come. Now I can leave with peace of mind that I tried and gave all I could to save that relationship, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

It is nothing related to the woman inside me, but rather just another couple that couldn’t find enough common grounds to their differences, so to have a nice relationship where both could feel they are leading the kind of life they want. We were living her kind of life, and I adapted to it in the name of love, but little by little, after 30 years, that love dissolved and became a good friendship, so now it is time for me to move on in search of my own kind of life, while remaining a friend for her that will happily be there to help her when she needs a hand.

That means we both will be diving into unknown waters in search for that hidden treasure called self contentment. Financially it’ll be a mess (as always happens in these kind of situations), but I believe we can manage and still retain that friendship as a mutual support for the tough times ahead.


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And for me also it means lots of planning to visualize the kind of life I want to have, so to know before hand what direction should I go to; which is especially important to do considering the lack of money that will have to be dealt with.

The reason that I mention the first day of next year is that she will stay at the house and I need to finish some improvements I’m doing, so not to leave her with part of the house half way done. So in the meantime I’m still staying at the house, and hope by the end of this year (just a couple of weeks) everything will be finished and me ready to move out.

This time also is good for me to do the planning and preparations to be ready to move, without getting myself in more trouble than necessary. So it is a really busy time for me that simply leave no room for trying women clothes and practicing make up, but that is fine since I keep thinking that by the beginning of next year I’ll have lots of time available for myself and my activities (which will conform my new life).

For those reasons the pictures I post here are sort of “old” (a couple of months), and for the next couple of posts I’ll keep digging my computer for more pictures I can use, until I have the time to take new ones.

So for now I’ll keep working hard, planning hard, and dreaming hard about the future life that awaits me, and the new friendship relationship we’ll have with her in the coming years.