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I guess I know very little about the crossdressing world; or at least I might have different concepts of what is intended when crossdressing; or at the very least what I intend when crossdressing, compared with other men.

These pictures are from the crossdressing site I have a profile in, and as you can see, clearly these are men using women clothes and make up. To me they don’t appear to be women, and I believe nobody would confuse them by women at all. I’m sorry if I offend someone, but to me they look more like clowns!


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I thought the reason to crossdress was to look like a woman, so the feelings of a woman that might be inside could have a better chance to flourish, allowing the man to feel, even briefly, as the woman he could have been. At least that’s what I try to do when crossdressing…be the woman I have inside; and that’s why I’m always so unsure about my look, and trying hard to become “passable”…to look like a real woman!

And it doesn’t seem to be they cannot get the look of a woman, but rather it seems that’s the intention they have, and they are right at their target with these looks!

Just in the previous post “Women” I commented my desire of having the look of the girls in the pictures, so it is really strange to me that other men are trying hard to look something completely different.


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And is not a mistake! I had contact (by email) with some crossdressers in that site, and I was literally dumped for not being like “her”, wanting to dress that way but more as a simple girl, as my pictures show.

If the idea is to crossdress so to look and feel as a woman, then I can’t understand the concept these men are into, unless they are trying hard to be a completely different kind of genre, which is not male neither female.