Date in Sight!

101   2013-12-07    11   05 Dates and Encounters                Date in Sight!


After soooo long! Finally, it seems the time invested in the crossdresser’s site is paying off. At least we reached the point of talking about which days and times are better for him and for me to meet in person. He has told me he likes my look; finds me sexy, and described what he would do with me (or my body) if we are together in complete privacy. All he describes are things a man could do to a woman, except for sucking my cock and maybe swallowing.

I guess I’ll have to accept that part since after all I do have a cock, and it seems men looking for a crossdresser are in search of a female look with that extra male part included. Even in my profile at the crossdresser site I clarified that is a turn off for me when a man sucks my cock since it reminds me that I have a male body, which sort of destroys at the moment my female feelings, but it seems the reason men are in search of a CD is to maybe enjoy “both worlds”?

The thing is; the latest emails are about finding a day and time that would work for both of us so we can meet in person. My hopes are that we can find each other in complete privacy, so to really go all the way to sex and not just talking and maybe a little kiss. And hope also that, if we meet, it’ll be good and at least a little bit lasting, so we can play together for a couple of times, and not just once like it happened the last time, as I told you in the post  “I’m Happy!”…He stopped sending letters after a while and we never got to meet again. I’m sure it was because he wanted to suck my cock and do crossdressing with me, while I saw him as a man.

But I learned my lesson! If I want to have sex with a man from the crossdresser site, I have to accept he will want to suck my cock, so I’ll have to let him. I just hope this new “prospect” doesn’t tell me later that he also wants to crossdress with me, or that would be my turn to kick the sex partner out! LOL

So I’ll let you know how things went in a future post, and if we’ll keep dating or if it was just a one time deal.