Fem Face

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It is strange to me (although a pleasant surprise) that several people have told me I have very fem like face factions. Considering that my pictures are from only two times trying make up, and I know for sure I still need to learn the basics on how to apply it, the results seem to be of people’s liking.

My biggest concern is always how to conceal with make up that I have a male body, and look really like a woman. And since I cannot depilate my eyebrows (which I don’t want to do anyway), the only change I can do to my face from a man to a woman is to cover the beard, and the rest is using make up to resemble the face of a girl.


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Yet I’m never satisfied with the results!

It always looks to me like everybody will notice the difference, and people will not tell a woman she is ugly, but I’m afraid that someone might laugh, point at me and say “I know you are a man”!


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Still, according to some people, it seems I do have fem like face faction. But it wouldn’t be of much surprise since one of my references is my own sister, who never depilates her eyebrows, doesn’t use any make up and accessories like earrings, yet you would never confuse her with a man. She not only looks like a woman, but also an attractive one!

For that reason I use her pictures as a reference and try to recreate the look she has, while trying to discover what are really the differences between a male and a female face that, even though some women can be very ugly, you would never confuse them with a man.


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It seems to me that I do have some fem characteristics in my face, but still need to do more to really look like a woman (judging by the pictures above).