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New Year!

111   2013-12-31    09   07 All Others                                    New Year!


Last day of 2013! And tomorrow we start another brand new year, with all the hopes and plans we always have for a better future.

It hasn’t been a good year for me since there was too much work in things I don’t have interest anymore, leaving me with no time to have a life the way I wanted. It also was the year I divorce, which brought with it the sadness of departure after so many years together, yet also brings the hopes and the freedom to pursue the kind of life I did wanted for such a long time.

So even the balance of 2013 isn’t good when it came to living, it did bring at the end the open door to a better 2014, and with it, a new life and many exiting things to discover and experience.

No commitments for now, but just the feeling of a new born, ready to be marveled at the amazing life ahead.

Happy 2014 for everybody!




110   2013-12-28    14   03 Clothes and Accessories             Outfit (1)


I found these pictures in the internet while searching for images of prostitutes for the post “Dancing Shadows”. It really impressed me the “outfit” of this girl to be walking a public street in daylight!

I can’t deny that if I had an attractive female body like her, the thought of going out dressing like that would be in my mind most than once! Maybe I would like to be a prostitute; maybe I just crave lots of attention as a female, I don’t know; but I do believe it is necessary to have a very strong personality to do that.


110   2013-12-28    14   03 Clothes and Accessories             Outfit (2)


If I can fix my body and ways to reflect an attractive woman, I’m sure it’ll follow to go out dressing very sexy and sexually attractive; maybe not to the extent of this girl, but definitely in a very prostitute-like way.

Unlike many crossdressers and TS, who try to resemble a respectable lady, my desires are more in the sexual side, meaning by that that I prefer a simple outfit that shows a desirable woman. In other words, I prefer the kind of clothing that is used to “protect” from society a desirable body, rather than clothes that “enhance” the elegance of a personality.

That’s why I’m not really into elegant combinations but more into the simplicity of clothes that suggest to be easily removed for a quick sexual encounter.

So yes, I guess I would dress like a prostitute! LOL




109   2013-12-26    24   01 Psychology and Mind                  Searchers


For what I’ve seen around, when men and women set a profile in a dating site on the internet they are searching for different things.

It seems single/divorced women over 35 are searching for financial stability and using sexual attraction to get a good catch. At least that’s what my ex has told me about some of her colleagues at work. They seem to be searching for a fix to their financial problems, and all the hot pictures they post are with the intention of attracting candidates to select one from. After a couple of dates with some hot sex, they start the getting married procedure, in which time their catch seem to loose interest or plainly disappear.

At the other hand, men (single and married) are searching for sex, mostly without commitment, and when the catch starts talking about marriage, they call it time to move on.


I am a male who feels as a woman and is searching for sex without commitments.

That puts me in a (I believe) very good position (other than bent forward with my legs spread apart, LOL). I’m talking about being the ideal date for a man who wants a very sexy, horny and sexual woman that would give him all the things most women won’t give him, like lots of sucking his cock, swallowing, being naked for him to play with her body and fuck her any time and as many times he wants, etc. All without commitment and/or marriage; and without the fear of her getting pregnant!

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a very complicated situation by being a straight man who has a straight woman inside, and others it feels like by searching on the right places I could be a very desirable catch. LOL




108   2013-12-24    08   07 All Others                                    Christmas


Christmas is here, and almost the end of another year!

It feels so strange since yesterday was the 30th anniversary of my just dissolved marriage a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we celebrated with her our friendship and the previous years of so many things that happened; good and bad. There are so many memories after such a long time!

Still, I believe we can remain friends, helping each other when the need arises, independently of whatever turn our lives can go from now on.

So it was lunch at a nice restaurant just the two of us, and conversation about whatever came to mind; all in the spirit of friendship, and as a prelude of the years to come. I believe divorce doesn’t have to be such a terrible thing since, at one hand both are fixing their lives for a better one, and at the other, there are always good thing to remember from the previous years, which are good reasons to be friends in the years to come. Wouldn’t you agree?

So let me wish you all a very Happy Holidays, and may the spirit of the season be in everybody’s heart.



Big Mistake

107   2013-12-21    23   01 Psychology and Mind                  Big Mistake


I think I made a big mistake in my profile description at the Crossdresser’s site.

What happens is that while being a woman I don’t like my man to suck my cock because it reminds me that I have a male body, so I added a note explaining that; and that I’m not interested in a date that wants to be with a woman with a cock, and I explained I don’t consider myself “the best of both worlds”

The result of that note is that letters from people (which were about 30 in a month) dropped to zero!

This has taught me something…that men looking for a “gurl”, even if they want her very feminine and woman-like, what they really are after is a cock in a woman. They like cock, but they don’t seem to feel comfortable having sex with another man, so the solution seems to be to have sex with a woman that has a cock, so they can “enjoy” “the best of both worlds”; but getting a “real” woman who has a cock can be very costly since they seem to be making tons of money in the porn industry, the alternative left for them is a man who feels as a woman, dress and acts as a woman, but still has a cock.

That’s fine with me and I’m happy for them that they found a solution to their desires, but it takes me out of the equation and now I can’t get a date! (sigh).

So the last resort I seem to have is to become very “passable” and feminine, and then open a profile in a heterosexual dating site, where I can find men looking for women. I still will have a cock, but my hopes are that there must be a man who is not getting anything (sexually) and is desperate enough to “oversee” my cock and concentrate in the rest of the body, the look and the manners that should be of a very feminine woman by that time (I still have lots to improve). And to that I can add the advantage for that man that I would be a woman who loves sucking his cock, swallowing, and being very playful sexually, instead of a female who is in search of financial security and/or someone to spend money on her, and that later will use sex as a negotiating tool.

My “target” seems to be married men that are in bad shape and tight financially, so they don’t get sex at home, are (or don’t feel) attractive enough to get another woman as a lover on the side, and cannot pay for sex to a prostitute or a lover (be a sugar daddy).

A man like that (I believe), could be desperate enough for sex, to the point of getting horny with a “woman” who is attractive enough and very sexual with them, that will make them feel the most attractive and sexually desirable man on Earth, and that will let them live all their sexual fantasies, without having to spend any money on her, and all in exchange of overseeing the fact that that woman has a cock, which will be helped by the fact that she doesn’t want him to touch her cock, so they don’t have to.

I’m sure there must be some men in that situation out there!

So we’ll see what happens and how things go. For now I’ll just keep my profile in the crossdresser’s site for a while, before I cancel it due to no activity at all. LOL