Second Day Off

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Yesterday I had the chance to take a day off from work and spend it alone, so to try again make up and some clothes I’ve been buying but not used yet. It was great! It gave me the chance to work a little more in my feminine moves and facial expressions, together with the chance to make a list of all the other things I need to change to improve my look.

As I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to be able to go out and leave no doubt that I’m a woman (and an attractive one) among the people around that might happen to be looking at me. Still there is a lot of work to be done, but I know I can get a decent result!


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The other thing is to be able to look like a woman even in men’s clothes and without make up, or at least very little make up; and the reasons for that are two: At one hand if I can make it happen without make up or very little, it’ll be a lot easier to switch to woman at any time; but also the other reason is that make up tend to disappear when it touches clothes or a man’s lips!

Also yesterday I went out to 16th Street at downtown Denver to have a walk as a woman among people. The goal was to see if they could notice the difference and see me as a woman or a man crossdressing.


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16th Street, for those that are not familiar with Denver, is sort of the main street in downtown and the place where crossdressers, lesbians and gays walk freely without being bothered by people. You can see lots of strange things in that street! (Me being one of those yesterday!). In future posts I’ll tell you what happened, how I felt and what conclusions I extracted from the experience, for now I’ll just tell you it was scary!

With a whole day off to try the female part in me, I ended up with about 60 videos to process, from which I’ll be getting pictures and videos to post here. For now here you can see a few of them as a “preview”, but later in other posts I’ll tell you more in detail and show you more pictures of what I did, experienced and learned yesterday.