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I’m still very confused about what is what some people look for in a crossdresser. For what I’ve seen in the site I am (to search for sex with a man) it seems to me most men search for someone in high heels, sexy lingerie, nylon, etc, but mostly for a cock in panties! And that’s exactly what most crossdressers seem to like to wear and offer.

It is confusing for me since what I like to wear is very simple women clothes, like shorts, jeans, T shirts, tennis shoes, etc. to resemble more of a simple woman, that is still attractive enough to inspire the desire of sex in a man looking at her (me).

I do feel attracted to fancy clothes, but only as a part of a date like dining out in a fancy place, and with a man dressing very elegant (if the situation arises). But mostly I think of dates with a guy in T shirt and jeans, going for an ice cream in a fast food restaurant and talking and laughing; driving the countryside and enjoying the beauty of this planet while discovering new places together, where we can run naked under the sun and the breeze, to end up having sweet sex while listening to the birds and the wind. Think of a hippie girl from the seventies!




When it comes to being sexy, my idea is of short (very short) jeans or a very short skirt that tends to lift with the breeze and allows men around to see my butt. Also the use of a shirt that is unbuttoned and just tied at the ends, allowing to see the center of the chest that has no bra, and gives the feeling to “viewers” that at any moment they will be able to see my breasts. LOL

Ok, I admit it; I have a strong tendency to be a slut! LOL

My point is: it seems to me I’m not the typical crossdresser but really a horny woman in search of a man (one) to be friends and to have sex together, and to have the chance to please him and make him happy giving him all the sex he might want, in exchange of receiving from him lots of sweetness and care (not money). I sooo much desire to be sweetly touched and kissed in all my body!

For that reason more and more I’ve been thinking of sex change, so to have a working pussy for him to take any time he wants it.


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What happens is that for many years I’ve lived as a straight man who liked women, so I believe I know what a man wants, and now that slowly but surely (well, not so slowly) I’m becoming a straight woman in my mind, I think I know what I should do to make a man happy.

I’m still in the half way process where I’m not so sure that I’d like to live with a man, but rather live alone, but have a boyfriend to visit and have sweet and tender moments with him, with hot and sweating sex too!

So far I’ve been looking at the possibility of hormones and all that stuff to change a man’s body more into a woman’s body, and I’m sure there should be a more affordable alternative in another country for a sex change surgery. Maybe I still would live as a man (because of all the legal fuss to switch identity), but under my clothes there would be a pussy instead of a cock.

I have to keep thinking about it before I make a big decision.