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I am surprised that after eight months with this blog I collected almost 50 thousand visits! It is surprising since I don’t visit other crossdreser’s and/or TG sites or blogs or posted my blog anywhere to promote it. I just post and sometimes mention it to people I talk to in those dating sites I have a profile in, and that only to tell them if they want to know me better and to see some of the videos I published.

Still, according to the statistics of this blog, I have visitors from about twenty different countries, being the majority of visitors from the US, followed by viewers from China; New Zealand; South Korea and Germany, among the most actives.

I can’t deny it is very gratifying to know my naked body is being watched in several parts of the world (LOL), but most important, maybe there are some people out there after all that is interested in knowing how the process I’m following develops.

It is gratifying because my intention is to somehow collect the mind process involved in creating a female body out of a male one, and all the details that pertain to such process, with the intention of keep a sort of diary for me, and to provide a possible help to those that are going through the same process I’m going by.


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Not that is that important, but when I tried to find answers to my own hidden feelings and how to create the changes, I simply couldn’t find any information in the web, so it seemed to me it could be of help to someone somewhere to find a reference that could explain their own confusing feelings and how to make it happen, if they are interested in going for it.

Another aspect that is curious is that, despite the number of regular visitors I have (according to the statistics) is that everybody seems to be very silent and don’t seem to desire to be discovered by simply never making any comment, good or bad.

It is fine though since I still can achieve my objectives by simply keep posting, adding the thoughts and the mind process of change experienced. It is about somehow “recording” what happens in a human mind when these “strange” desires of being of the opposite sex occur, and that objective is accomplished without the need of other people participation.

Maybe some day all this process recorded here will be of help to someone somewhere, and if that happens, I’ll be very happy with the results of this blog.