Plans and Desires

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I guess somehow the post “Day Dreaming tells it all. Lately I’ve been having those flash thoughts about divorce and starting a new life as a woman; and even having those thoughts in how it could be.

Perhaps the only thing that prevents me from just going for it is that it never happens the way we plan it! Not with marriage, not with relationships, and most probably not with a new life as a woman. And I can’t forget that I’m already 51 years old, which means I don’t have a young body to become the woman I want to be.

Still, the persistent thought is there, making me daydream about how it could be, and pushing me to plan a way, even if I’m not sure if I really want to do it.

For that reason, I guess the best I can do is to try the new life as a parallel thing and see how does it feel, and then decide based on the results. That means I should try different things, like crossdressing; being in bed with a man with me as a crossdresser; being in bed with another crossdresser, etc. Any possible combination that I can think of so to try and see how does it feel, and if I would like to make it my way of life, or better said, if it is worth the big change for a life like that.


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So far I guess I’m sort of 50/50 and clearly need more experience and information in order to make a proper decision.

Another thing that is taking room in my mind these days is that I want to start my own business, and since I’ve been buying crossdresser’s stuff, and I’m not very satisfied with the products offered, what if I go in that direction, trying to perfect what is available, like better, more natural and less costly breasts, vaginas, penises etc. So to offer a line of products that would allow TG to experience being of the other sex without surgery and in a natural way, feeling like the real thing rather than a cheap imitation.

We’ll see what happens, and maybe I can combine both things into one and become a woman that has her own business helping crossdressers fulfill their dreams. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!