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Waking up with a smile by thinking of the activities ahead: two hours of exercises to shape the body; a long, relaxing shower followed by the skin products that little by little are rejuvenating my look; a healthy breakfast to properly feed the body; my work in my home office while being completely naked; then later on the day put on my make up and nice, sexy clothes to meet him for dinner out in the afternoon, to end the day in my bed with him…sex!

I divorced; I live alone; I became a woman; I choose my activities; I take my life in any direction I want; I date many men for friendship and sex, each one for a short time since things never go really well, only a couple of times and things go awry, so is goodbye and back to the website. Yet is fine with me since I really don’t want to go back to be tied down to a relationship and its ups and downs. I already had that for thirty years and I’m frankly tired of it. I like my freedom!

Some days, after careful planning, I take my Van Camper and drive away to a secluded spot in the mountains carrying with me a mountain bike and a kayak, where I can spend time in nature completely naked enjoying the sun and the breeze. Sometimes I ride my bicycle and some others I use the kayak in a quiet lake…everything completely naked. And I always bring my camera with me to get some pictures and videos to keep as a memory of the great time, and to post in my profile to lure more men to contact me for hot sex!


091   2013-11-14    10   05 Dates and Encounters               Day Dreaming (2)


I can’t deny I love sucking cock! In bed when he is resting in his back and I’m playing with it, licking it, sucking it, rubbing it in my face and kissing it. I also love to be in my knees with my hands in my back while he is standing in front, holding my head and trusting his cock in my mouth until he cum, using me as a toy for his pleasure; then I swallow his load and clean up his cock with my tongue.

I also love to be in bed; with him over me completely covering me and slowly but strongly fucking me, while his hands explore my body and his lips bite my neck; like a wolf feasting in its prey; then I just stay there quietly complying en enjoying until he cum inside me…to then rest. Well, quietly to say, but usually I’m moving my body under his, so he feels his prey is alive and enjoying it all, and not just a cold woman giving him a favor, but mutual enjoyment so he knows he’s making me happy and he is good at it!

Sometimes is difficult to concentrate in my work because my mind tends to drift away to thoughts of how to be more feminine, sweeter and sexier. I do want to be the best I can for my men, so they enjoy their time with me, and I enjoy my time with them.

I do love to be with married men that are out of shape; the kind that don’t get any sex at home and cannot get a lover outside the marriage. Why? Because they tend to be somehow childish and inexperienced; afraid of making a mistake that would cost them the time together, so they pay more attention to details and care in how they treat me. They are more sensitive and feel happy that we are together, rather than thinking they are giving me a favor. I just hate those guys that think they are so handsome and every woman or TG melt for them!

Still it never last more than a couple of encounters, and that’s fine. We both have fun and then we both go on with our different ways.

I just love my life!



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