Dancing Shadows

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After midnight the street movements almost disappear, leaving only the solitary souls wandering around in search of a light, some hope, a drink to forget, or maybe some cheap company to help them go through the night, until the sun rising in the horizon will send them home…scared of another day.

I was standing by the street light, leaning on the post, wearing the old, short skirt and the stained T shirt with a big hole in front that always attract their eyes. The smoke of the cigarette, slowly going up and away gave me the pass of time as a silent watch in my wait, while looking for someone to show up from the shadows all around.

He walked straight to me after a moment of hesitation, fighting his thoughts and who knows what secret ghost held for who knows how long. He asked a couple of questions and I refused to give my name; just some short answers and a look with my eyes to quickly press the sale.

After some time of doubt in his eyes, fighting concepts in his mind, he gave me fifty dollars in stained bills that I quickly collected in my purse. With a smile in my face, thinking of tomorrow’s food to go by another day, I took him by the hand.

I lead him to the old room with dancing shadows in the stained walls; the dusty and lonely candlelight that witnessed many souls that came and went, and the bed at the center with the cover with a cigarette burn. I invited him to enter, and cautious steps could be heard.

Quickly I went to business, removing my skirt and T shirt, while he watched in the dim light the body of a woman that seemed in his eyes to be long time away. In the silence of the night the sounds of our breaths could be heard, while the spirit of the moment allowed us to be loose for a while, and I believe he discovered how to fly again.

When the heat of the passion went away an hour later, he rested over me for a moment with a slowly calming breath. Then he started to cry for no reason, and for no reason I cried with him; and not knowing why I said: “I can hear your heart”

Holding tight to each other we cried until the sunrise, hoping someday we’ll forget.