Strange Dream

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Last night I had a very strange dream!

In the dream I had completed my physical changes into a woman and I was divorced and now living with a man, not legally married but living as husband and wife. We had a nice relationship and I was always naked at home, so he could see me naked and touch me any time he wanted, and even fuck me any time and as many times as he desires, and I was always ready for him, to please him and make him happy.

One day, when I was at home, he came back bringing with him some friends. Since I was naked, waiting for him to greet him hanging from his neck to give him lots of sweet kisses while he touched my whole naked body, as soon as I saw there were other men with him I tried to run to the bedroom to get some clothes to put on, but he held me from my hand and said: “Wait…I want you to meet my friends”.

At first it felt odd and scary to be there, standing naked in front of my lover and his friends, but then it turned into feeling sort of horny by knowing not only that I was naked in front of these strangers, but also the fact that they were avidly looking at me and checking out my entire body.

Still, it was very strange for me since we had a very nice and fulfilling relationship with my husband, were he had a woman that gave him all the sex he wanted any time he wanted it, and was very sweet and caring with him, while I had a caring man that tried hard to give me what I wanted in a relationship: Sweetness; tender sex and true friendship.

It was a perfect relationship between two people, so bringing others to home when I was naked, and even more, somehow forcing me to be naked for them, sort of changed our relationship into a just “only about crazy sex” one.


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But being in love with him, and wanting to make him happy, I accepted and remained there, standing naked for all of them. In the outside I showed calmed and relaxed, and even smiled and offered to seat and something to drink, acting as natural as possible, considering that in the inside my heart was beating extremely fast and I was really nervous.

After they were all seating and holding a beer, my husband started to tell his friends that I had a very smooth skin that was very pleasant to touch, and then told me to stand close to them so they could touch me. My heart was racing and I was somehow scared and confused at the same time; I thought he wanted me only for himself and not to share me with his friends. But since I did whatever would make him happy, I walked to his friends and stand close to them so they could touch me.

Their hands (three guys touching me with both hands at the same time) felt very odd and strange, and somehow, by standing there and allowing them to touch me everywhere, made me feel like a slut! I could feel hands in my butt, my pussy, my breasts, and fingers trying to get inside my pussy and my ass. I was very nervous and afraid of pain, but could see that they were enjoying my skin and my parts, judging by the smiles they held in their faces.

After a moment, my husband begun to tell his friends how nice it was to fuck me, and offered them to “give me a try”. His words shocked me instantly, and I felt a little dizzy and loosing my balance, so had to be careful not to fall. Then one of his friends asked if I was good at sucking cock, and my husband replied that I was very good and that they should try it too.

So the guy who asked immediately opened the zip in his pants and told me to go down and suck him. He used a nice and sweet voice instead of an abusing one, which was a relief for me. So I went to my knees and while holding his cock with my hands I started to suck him the same way I do to my husband.


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While at that, another of my husband’s friends said he wanted to fuck me at once, so got in his knees behind me, grabbed me from my hips and slightly pulled me back, to let me know I should switch positions from kneeling to doggy for him. I did and could feel his hands running in my butt; between my legs, and touching my pussy. Then I heard a zip and just an instant later I felt his warm cock pushing to get inside me.

Normally it would be very painful to be penetrated without previous “preparation”, but at that moment I realized that I was horny and my pussy was already wet and ready to receive a cock, which surprised me considering that I thought I only wanted sex with my husband.

After a couple of minutes they were taking turns in front of me to get their cocks sucked, and behind me to fuck me while I was sucking them. I took several quick glances to my husband and saw him seating in the couch about eight feet from us, holding a big smile while enjoying the private, live porn show.

Throughout all this my feelings were very confusing since, at one hand I was really enjoying being gang fucked while being observed, and at the other I had a deep sadness and a strong desire to cry like a little girl and run to my protector’s arms, which at that moment started to doubt if it was my husband anymore.


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After about one hour they were tired and satisfied enough, so taking deep breaths pulled their pants up, seated on the couch and grabbed their beers to have a long drink, while holding big smiles of satisfaction in their faces.

I was also very tired! My left arm from holding my weight while handling their cocks with my right hand; my right arm from so much stroking their cocks to make them cum faster; my mouth from sucking so much, and my pussy tingling from being used so many times. Still, I don’t know why, there was also a slight feeling of happiness for having fun! I guess I am a slut after all!

After the sex session, my husband and his friends remained talking for like another hour about different things not sex related, while I, still naked, was busy bringing more fresh, cold beers and snacks for them; silently working hard, like an obedient slave; while in my mind there were thoughts that this could be the first day of a different kind of relationship with my husband; which got me very confused.

It was a shocking situation because I didn’t expect it; when it happened, I didn’t like it, and I accepted only to make my husband happy, but after the whole thing was over, I realized that I did enjoy being taken by several men while being watched by an audience!


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