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In my attempts to find a lover, and since nothing was happening in Outpersonals, I let my membership there expire and went to join LifeOUT, then added a profile in Xtube, and also posted some pictures and a video in IPostNaked.


Maybe people is too afraid to actually get together with someone else and do the things they dream of and/or imagine to do, and just remain seating by the side, watching profiles and sending an sporadic flirt, to then just disappear in the nothingness where no one can be found ever again.

Maybe I’m writing the wrong words in my profiles or being to up front with clarifications and conditions to avoid confusions later that make me “undesirable”. Or I’m just plain ugly enough to scare even the loneliest man on Earth!

Who knows!


087   2013-11-05    18   04 Trips and Adventures                 From Site to Site (2)


The thing is, after a couple of months seeing no results in none of the sites I had a profile, I decided to cancel LifeOUT and Xtube (after deleting everything I posted there), and only IPostNaked remains, due to not being able to delete what I posted.

I still have the profile “AwryAngel” in Outpersonals as a Standard member, and also just added a new one; now AwryAngel is also in, where I hope a man looking for a CD or TG might become interested in fucking me tenderly while I give him sweet kisses and long cock sucking. We’ll see what happen.

The reason to join “Date a” is that, as the name implies, seems to be a site where crossdressers can find men interested in dating them, and that would be my situation.

So far I wrote the profile; an introduction letter for the forum; posted about 12 pictures; sent a couple of emails and flirts; saved as favorite some profiles of men who live close to where I live, and automated the login process so to quickly check if I get some results.

It’s only been like a week and so far so good. I received a couple of letters and been contacted through IM; my profile has been seen for several members, most of them men searching for a CD or TG. We’ll see what happens and if something productive comes out of this, or like the other sites, everything dissolves like fog in a hot summer day.

I’ll keep you posted.