Erogenous Parts

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Based on the previous post Butt Naked”, when I was writing it, I started thinking what would be my most erogenous parts and in what order.

I believe they would be, in order of first (or most) to last (or least) as follows:


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When being a woman for a man.


I don’t know how it’ll feel being touched, kissed and sucked in the vagina, and in what place in the list I would place it since I don’t have one, and I’m still waiting to get in the mail the silicone one I ordered about a week ago (they said it’ll take two to three weeks).

As soon as I receive it I’ll try it and see if there is any feeling through the silicone to the skin; how it’ll feel a cock entering through the vagina and rubbing between my legs (I can try with one of my toys), etc. Then I’ll make an update on that in this list.

Also, I didn’t even mention my cock in this list because I really don’t like when a man touches my cock. One, because it hurts, and men tend to be very rough when playing with a cock, and two, it reminds me that physiologically I’m a man and not a woman, and makes me think that the man with me is not really seeing me as a woman but rather as a woman with a nice surprise for him under her skirt, which reminds me that he is not a straight man. I know I shouldn’t be so picky since I’ll never be a real woman, but I don’t loose hopes that one day I’ll find a man who will see me and treat me as a woman, independently of that “small detail”.




When being a man for a woman.


Note that I placed “Cock” in third place and not first, as it’ll be supposed with most men. The reason for that is that my cock is extremely sensitive, and if not handled with lots of care and smoothness, it REALLY HURTS! That’s why when it’s handled I don’t get much pleasure; I instinctively become afraid of being hurt and that is a big turn off for me!

Obviously if the woman is very smooth and caring, to the point of not creating any pain, then it is pleasant for me and I love it. But since the fear of being hurt always exist, I really enjoy most when they touch and play with my butt and back.

So you see, those are my lists of what would be my most erogenous parts and in which order; both in the case of being a straight man with a woman and a straight woman with a man.

What are your most erogenous parts and in what order?