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There’s something about having my butt naked; I don’t know exactly what it is, but I really enjoy feeling the sun and the breeze down there; especially the sun, warming up the skin.

I know it’s not about sex because when I’m enjoying those moments I’m not aroused, but I do feel more naked with just my butt exposed than even with the rest of the body. For example, if I’m normally dressed, like T shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, and I pull down my pants to expose my butt, without exposing the front, I feel very naked; but if the only thing I’m wearing is underwear and nothing else, I don’t feel naked.

Even if I’m wearing only underwear and pull down the front to expose my cock but not my butt, I still don’t feel really naked, compared with exposing only my butt.


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It is so much the feeling of nakedness, that I even tried a crazy thing some time ago. Using a pair of scissors I cut the rear portion of a pair of jeans, so when wearing them, from the front you wouldn’t notice any difference, but from the back, the covered parts were the legs, the belt area and the sides, leaving completely exposed the whole butt.

Obviously I couldn’t go out like that, so I just used a long jacket that was loose enough so barely touched the butt, but long enough to cover it completely. Then went for a walk!

In the outside you would have seen a guy wearing a long jacket, a pair of jeans and tennis shoes…nothing unusual; but inside I had an amazing feeling of being naked among people! The jacket barely touched the butt and I could feel the air coming from below the jacket and cooling the skin of my butt. I just loved it!


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Now, one of the nice feelings came from the jacket occasionally slightly touching my butt, and for me THAT is sexual. You see, I believe my most erogenous part is my butt. It is very nice to feel a hand and a mouth sweetly playing with my cock, but what really gives me a strong hard on, to the point of feeling like my cock is going to blow up for excessive blood pressure, is when someone caresses my butt.

When someone is sweetly touching and kissing my butt I get really horny! If he is a man, then also I love when he’s rubbing his cock in my butt, and that makes me feel a complete woman that want to be fucked. If she is a woman, then when she also is rubbing her pussy in my butt I feel a complete man that wants to fuck her hard. But in both cases it is about having my butt caressed by someone, man or woman.

Weird, isn’t it?



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