Male to Female

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In the previous post “Attractiveness” I mentioned what would be the common elements of physical attractiveness for both male and female.

As a reminder, it seems to me the common elements are a slim body with a smooth skin and a rounded butt, and a face with plumped lips and smooth skin. From there, the specific elements to each one are: breasts and a vagina for women, and some muscles and a cock for men.

Assuming we have a slim body with a smooth skin and a rounded butt that we can use to be a male or a female, then to complete the transition we should add the specific elements to each sex.

To become a female there are silicone breasts that can be glued to the chest. I haven’t tried them, but they claim the look and the feel is completely natural (honestly I doubt it). Also there are silicone vaginas that can be strapped to the body to cover the cock and give the look of a vagina. I already order one through the internet and am waiting for it to arrive, so to try it myself, but also I doubt it’ll look natural.


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To become a male I guess is more difficult since a woman have to hide her breasts, and use one of those silicone cocks that can be strapped to the body. It seems to me it’ll be really difficult for a female to pass as a male when naked.

In my case, being a man, I have a cock that is very small (4.5 inches when aroused and 1 inch when at rest); a very hairy body and some basic muscles. So to have the “universal” basic body that can be used as a male and as a female I have to shave it completely (a man can have no body hair, but a woman CANNOT have body hair). Once shaved my body skin is very smooth to the touch, but being so hairy, the shave last only one day before it can be felt the hair growing back. For this reason I have to wait and shave only the night before of an encounter, so to have a very smooth skin without any irritation.

Now, being about 15 pounds overweight, I do have some boobs, as you can see in my pictures, although it seems they might be the side effect of some pills I’m taking, but I’ll talk about that more in detail in a future post.


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The thing is, after shaving my body, if I “paint” lines around my breasts I can make them look bigger, so they do look like a woman’s breasts. The only problem is to hide my cock and to have a vagina instead, so I’ll give a try to that silicone vagina they sell on the internet and see if it works. And even though they have a very complete one, with a channel that makes possible to urinate by seating in the toilet without having to remove anything, and also have a channel that allows for a cock to get in, so to have the possibility of being penetrated like a woman; since the price is almost $ 500, I decided to give a try to their “basic model” that cost “only” around $ 100. As soon as I get it I’ll try it and let you know how it works and will show you some pics, so you can judge for yourselves.

My biggest concern right now is that it suppose to be strapped to the body to hold it in place, and I don’t like that. How can it be that from the front she looks fine, but in the back she has cords tied down? I guess I’ll have to create a way to hold it in place without using cords, so I’ll have to see what I can do. I’ll let you know the results and show you some pictures and videos for you to decide if it works or not.