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While trying to improve my body so it’ll resemble an attractive woman when being used by Angel, I’ve been thinking what are the elements that make a woman attractive. The idea is to know what should I do and what should I pursue to get the results I want, without wasting time and effort in details that will contribute very little to the main objective.

Also, I have to consider that the same body will be used for a man to be a man, so I cannot do some changes that can be used only for a woman or a man. In other words, I should find the elements of attractiveness that apply both to men and women, so they can be used for both Angel and the man owning the body.


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An example of that is I could get silicone implants to have nice breasts, and then tattoo the area around the nipple with the appropriate color to make it look like a real nipple. I know (although the cost can be high) the result should be very satisfactory. The problem is that when the man who owns the body wants to use it, that body will have breasts, and that’s not something a man wants to have, and definitely doesn’t look attractive in a man.

Now, I know many people would say the main element of attractiveness is the personality; and I agree with them; nobody wants to get involved with an “asshole”, being a man or a woman. But in this case I’m talking about the purely animal instinct that pushes us to want sex with that body, independently of the personality of the individual owning the body. In other words, how to become a “Good Fuck” first; and then work in the personality part, so to become also an interesting person to be with (yes, I want to become a “Good Fuck” too!).


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Now, being a straight man for such a long time, I can explore my own wishes and desires to see what I would like to see in a woman to consider her attractive. Obviously still it’s a personal opinion and many men can disagree with me, or have different preferences.

From my male personal point of view, the main element is a slim body that also has curves. Not overweight and not underweight but just proportional to the height would be the number one element, even if there are not many curves. To that add smooth curves that also are not too much and not too little, and include a round butt. Then a smooth skin, independent of the color, together with “some” breasts would complete the basics of an attractive body. From there the differences are personal preferences: some men would want bigger breasts; others would like wider hips, etc. but they all would appreciate a slim body with some curves, a round butt, a smooth skin and some breast to play with.


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When it comes to the face, in my personal opinion the main element is plumped lips that invite many kisses. Then it’ll be a smooth skin that attracts hands to touch it; and finally a soft hair that can be caressed with the hands. To these basic elements, many details can be added; for instance, a nice tan to the body and face, long hair that moves freely, etc

Then it’ll be the personality part, which implies a smile and a nice, friendly and positive attitude. Note that so far I haven’t mention clothes or accessories like earrings or necklaces. It is all about a naked body that is attractive enough to “inspire” the desire for sex in a man.

Now, talking about what would be attractive in both a man and a woman, I believe plumped lips, smooth face skin and nice hair would be common elements that can be used for both. When it comes to the body; a slim one with a smooth skin and a round butt are also common elements for both men and women.


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From there it’ll be adding the specific elements that are characteristics for male and female. In the case of female, it’ll be some breast and a vagina. For male it’ll be more muscles in the arms and chest area and a cock. If, as a man, the muscles are not much, then it can be used by a woman, but all the others are specific to each one.

So as you can see, the basic body for both would be a slim body with a smooth skin and a rounded butt; and a face that has plumped lips and a smooth skin. Then, to switch from man to woman or woman to man, it’ll be about “adding” the specific elements: for woman add a vagina and some breasts, and for man add a cock.

Obviously that doesn’t create a very attractive male or female, but it’ll be the basic body that should be good enough to attract someone of the opposite sex, especially if a nice personality is added.

In a next post I’ll talk about how to do the switching of the specific elements for male and female.



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