Update in Changes

081   2013-10-22    15   02 Physical Changes                       Update in Changes (1)


So far the changes in my body are going OK, although at a very slow speed since I don’t have many opportunities to practice make up; walking, gesturing, voice and learning to select and try the appropriate clothing for the look that I intend to achieve.

I started shaving my whole body in October 2012 and wearing women clothes and trying make up in May 2013. Up to date I believe I haven’t used women clothes more than five times, and tried make up in my face more than three times. That’s very little for five months of being a transgender!


081   2013-10-22    15   02 Physical Changes                       Update in Changes (2)


Still, whenever I can I practice make up and walking, while enjoying feeling women clothes in my body and long hair in my shoulders. I guess I’ll have to develop more specific (for me) ways to have make up applied and removed very quickly, and find ways to be able to turn into the woman I want to be with the least amount of elements, so I can carry them in a small bag. That way I could turn into a woman and back in a minute time. Not an easy task to accomplish, but a nice challenge to fight with!