Studio Lites

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So today I went to Studio Lites, a store here in Denver that specializes in wigs and stuff for Crossdressers. I spent like thirty minutes looking around at what they got and the prices they charge. They have hundreds of wigs; tons of dresses; all kind of kinky clothes; make up; silicone breasts; jewelry, etc. I ended up dizzy! And the prices are similar or lower compared with internet stores, so that’s a great thing.

The bad thing is that I went at the wrong time; Halloween is around the corner and they moved most of the crossdressing stuff to the back to make room for Halloween customs, so not only it was difficult to find the kind of stuff I’m interested in, but also the customers at the store were people not in the crossdressing thing, so I felt a little odd.

The good thing is, after Halloween is over they will return to a purely crossdressing store with Crossdressers customers, so I know I’ll feel more comfortable and willing to openly ask for advice with make up and choosing clothes for my kind of body. Still, the sales person was very friendly and I think he detected that I was there for crossdressing stuff, so he showed me the things around without any pressure of any kind.

All in all it was a wonderful experience to be in a crossdresser’s store; see what they have and find out that with the prices they charge it’ll be better to buy from them rather than on the internet, which allows me to see what I’m buying (and try it) before spending money. And also it was sort of a one more step to gain the confidence to go out as a woman, without feeling so scared or odd. Even though I went as a man, the situation of admitting face to face that I’m a crossdresser makes me nervous. 

As soon as Halloween is over and they return their store to normal, I’ll start to try and go there at least once a week to buy anything cheap to start completing my stuff, but mostly to become known by them so to be able to get more advice and tips about crossdressing, and also about crossdresser’s friendly places like restaurants, bars, etc. And who knows, maybe to make some friends too!