Store Check

076   2013-10-14    16   04 Trips and Adventures               Store Check


So far most of the specific stuff I got to crossdress, like wigs and make up, I bought it on the internet, and only the clothes I got them from stores, buying at 2 O’clock in the morning, when the store was empty (it’s a 24 hours store…I didn’t rob it!). But a couple of days ago I learned that there is a store for crossdressers here in Denver, and they suppose to carry everything a “gurl” might need, including advice. So this coming Tuesday I’ll go there (dressing as a man) to see what they have, what are the prices and what kind of advice I could get.

It is a very scary thing for me since going there as a man will mean I have to openly say I’m crossdressing, and try to act as natural as possible. At one hand is very scary, but at the other it is very enticing to somehow face my transsexual situation and see how does it feel. Also it’ll be interesting to know if they are open and friendly, and if they are willing to give some advice, which I do need it when it comes to make up and choosing clothes.

Also, I hope to learn about restaurants and bars for crossdressers, so to have places where I could go and try little by little being in the open while dressing as a woman.

I’ll tell you how it went after the visit.