I’m Happy!

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I’m happy!

He contacted me and asked for a date. He sent me some pictures of himself…dressed and naked. I liked what I saw and since he said he would treat me like a woman, I decided to accept the invitation and meet him at a public park.


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We both were nervous and trying not to make mistakes. We both wanted to go ahead and do more than just talk. I was dressing as a woman and he was dressing as a man. We met in the car in a crowded parking lot. After a moment of indecision we kissed and he touched my legs. So we decided to go to the park to find an empty parking lot where we could kiss and maybe more.

We found one, but had to stop kissing and I had to cover my breasts every time a cyclist showed up -We were inside my car-

So we drove to another parking lot that was also empty and surrounded by tall trees and bushes. We kissed; we took our clothes off; we were naked in the back of my car kissing and touching each other’s body. We were naked outside the car, standing in the parking lot under the sun, kissing and having pleasures we both longed for a long time. I got to taste his big and hard cock!


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Time flew to fast and away…we had to depart. We promised to meet again and do many more things. Maybe in my place were we could be in private. I drove away feeling like floating.

His letter said he liked me and saw me as a woman. My letter said I liked him and wanted him to be my man. We’ll meet again next week! I’m happy!

I’ll tell you how it went after that second encounter.