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I had these toys for a while, little by little buying one after another and accumulating them to have the chance at some point to play with. I did try them a couple of times but always with a limited amount of time, so didn’t go slowly enough to experience the pleasure of feeling what is to be fucked.

In fact, by doing things in a hurry I felt more of a burning sensation inside rather than pleasure, which led me to think that maybe I wasn’t made to be fucked and that I would loose the possibility of feeling the pleasure of being taken and fucked hard by a man, as I imagined.


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After asking question in a couple of men dating sites I have a profile in, about what I was doing wrong, and receiving advice, and finally having more time to try the advice given, I was able to experience the pleasure of having a cock inside me!

Basically it was about going slowly at first; starting with a small size toy and then increasing the size as I relaxed and opened more, and using lots of lube! There was no need for numbing agents in the lube and a simple, water based one did the trick perfectly well.


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After about 20 minutes I was able to use the bigger toy I have (about 7 inches long and 1-1/4 diameter) and feel it inside me and experience the feeling of being fucked, at least with a toy.

With a little more practice I believe I’ll be ready to try the real thing, so then it’ll be about finding a man willing to fuck me, and to whom I’ll have the pleasure of surrender and be taken and used.