New Place

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The place I’m going to walk naked is awesome, but is two and a half hours driving just to get there! It takes five hours driving round trip, and if you consider the time you want to spend there, it is easy a whole day trip.

Just a couple of days ago I decided to try another park that is about 45 minutes driving one way, and the result was outstanding! Although there are people in the place, there are also some areas where nobody goes because there are no trails there.


069   2013-08-31    12   04 Trips and Adventures               New Place (2)


In my trip I decided to take the risk and had the chance to enjoy almost one hour of naked walk, including a little attempt at sunbathing that was spoiled by some clouds, but nevertheless, still naked time.

There’s still more I have to check in that place to be completely sure, but it seems a great alternative to have the chance of naked walks in nature without having to spend so much time driving, so allowing doing it more often. We’ll see how it goes.