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New Place

069   2013-08-31    12   04 Trips and Adventures               New Place (1)


The place I’m going to walk naked is awesome, but is two and a half hours driving just to get there! It takes five hours driving round trip, and if you consider the time you want to spend there, it is easy a whole day trip.

Just a couple of days ago I decided to try another park that is about 45 minutes driving one way, and the result was outstanding! Although there are people in the place, there are also some areas where nobody goes because there are no trails there.


069   2013-08-31    12   04 Trips and Adventures               New Place (2)


In my trip I decided to take the risk and had the chance to enjoy almost one hour of naked walk, including a little attempt at sunbathing that was spoiled by some clouds, but nevertheless, still naked time.

There’s still more I have to check in that place to be completely sure, but it seems a great alternative to have the chance of naked walks in nature without having to spend so much time driving, so allowing doing it more often. We’ll see how it goes.




Shaved Body

068   2013-08-18    14   02 Physical Changes                      Shaved Body (1)


When I look at the pictures from some time ago, before I started shaving my body, it is really sort of incredible the difference between before and after. I never liked being so hairy because since very young I was the target of many jokes for being like that, so I grew up basically hating having so much hair in my whole body.

But just a couple of months ago I decided to give it a try and shave my entire body to see how it’ll feel, and I can tell you it was a world of difference! First of all the itching in my back completely disappear; and the feeling of clothing touching my skin is really nice! And if I add that being completely shaved makes me feel more like a woman, then there is no need for more reasons to keep shaving.


068   2013-08-18    14   02 Physical Changes                      Shaved Body (2)


The only problem is that being married it is very difficult to justify shaving my whole body. My back can be justified, but my legs are highly questioned when they are completely shaved since it resembles more the legs of a woman than the legs of a man (which is the idea).

So I have to let the hair grow back and wait until it is long enough to then justify the shaving by the reason of too much itching in my entire body. And that’s the time when I go out to the mountains to take pictures and videos to feel more like a woman for a while, before having to be back to reality at home.


068   2013-08-18    14   02 Physical Changes                      Shaved Body (3)


And since my cock is a “grower”, not a “shower” (I’ll tell you about that in a future post), when editing the second picture above, and since my cock was at its minimum, I just “erased it” from the picture to see how I would look without it.

For as long as I can keep shaving the body, using whatever excuse I can think of, I’ll keep doing it because of the pleasure of feeling like a woman and looking like a woman when completely naked!

Now it’ll be about finding a man who would like to take me as a woman (fuck me) when completely shaved to have the whole feeling of being a woman for someone. But in the meantime I’ll keep enjoying naked walks and making videos and pictures to show you here.



Feeling Horny

067   2013-08-15    08   05 Dates and Encounters              Feeling Horny


I like to rest in this position for a moment. When I’m like this I feel so horny! It is easy to close my eyes and imagine there is a man seating in a couch behind me, quietly watching me while running his eyes through my butt and legs, and his mind gets horny and wanting to touch me and fuck me.

He would spend several minutes in silence just watching and enjoying knowing that that ass in front of him is for his pleasure and for him to take whenever he wants because he is the owner.

I would remain in that position for as long as he wants, waiting for him to take me since I’m enjoying being his toy to play with.

Then he would start touching my butt and legs, running his hands very gently all over, while kissing and squeezing my butt; to then use his fingers to play with my ass, as a prelude to bring his cock inside and fuck me!

He would fuck me slowly at first, to then go faster and stronger as he gets ready to cum inside, while I remain quiet and still for him to play with me. Then I would feel his shaking and his cum inside, and I would know he is satisfied.

I love being in this position because my mind imagines being fucked and my body gets so horny!



Other Combinations

066   2013-08-07    10   03 Clothes and Accesories            Other Combinations (1)


This picture is not very sharp, but maybe that’s good since in it I didn’t have any make up but only the wig. The light was very dim and maybe that’s why this picture came out so dark, but at least it allowed me to feel this blouse that seemed so nice and smooth when I got it at the store.


066   2013-08-07    10   03 Clothes and Accesories            Other Combinations (2)


Well, in none of these three pictures I had make up; only the wig and some clothes to try and see how I look in them, and I know I should try again with full make up to see the complete look and make a list of all the details I have to fix.


066   2013-08-07    10   03 Clothes and Accesories            Other Combinations (3)


I was very nervous because there were people not too far from the parking lot, including a park ranger in his vehicle among them!

I knew I didn’t really look like a woman, so was afraid that someone might call the police and I could get in trouble; so got the clothes on inside my vehicle, went out for a short walk, and quickly came back to hide. LOL



Using a Shirt

065   2013-08-01    09   03 Clothes and Accesories            Using a Shirt (1)


Trying a swimsuit with a shirt, and the shirt with the intention to see if that combination would somehow hide a torso that is not very feminine.


065   2013-08-01    09   03 Clothes and Accesories            Using a Shirt (2)


It is about finding ways to “Use what I got, to get the closest to where I want to be”


065   2013-08-01    09   03 Clothes and Accesories            Using a Shirt (3)


Somehow it seems to me I could classify myself as a “300 feet girl”. From that distance and farther away I could pass as a woman, but closer than 300 feet people would see is not a girl. LOL


065   2013-08-01    09   03 Clothes and Accesories            Using a Shirt (4)


Later I’ll show you other combinations I tried in my attempt to look like a woman.