Feeling as a Woman

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I just can’t help it!  When I put on the wig and some female clothes (or naked) I just feel like a woman. The movements of my body change automatically to a more feminine way and my gestures and face expressions become also more of a woman.

After a long drive to reach a solitary place where I can be naked without anybody there, and even though I keep looking around to make sure all the time that nobody else is there, still I can feel the desire inside me that maybe there would be another man in the area and he would see me naked and become attracted to see me up close.

Maybe quietly watching me from a distance and imagining sex with me, and maybe deciding to walk towards me to start a conversation with the intention of having sex.



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Getting scared to death when I hear his voice behind me and needing a couple of minutes to recover and realize he means no harm but maybe just fun, so finally I go back to smile and keep the conversation while feeling so good inside because I’m completely naked in front of a stranger that wants me.

Just the thought of that gets me horny! “Being completely naked in front of a stranger that is interested in having sex with me!”

Then my mind runs imagining different situations where he talks with a devilish smile in his face and little by little gets closer to my body. I smile and move my body in teasing ways letting him get closer and closer, so he knows he can have me.

When side by side he keeps talking while looking down to my body and his hands start moving to touch my skin, while I play with my hair just to keep my arms up, offering him my body to play with.


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His hands touch my boobs and play with them while I remain with my arms up and a smile in my face, looking at him in the eyes with my own devilish eyes saying: “Use me, I’m yours”

He then forgets about being cautious and simply grabs me and starts kissing my boobs while his hands run all over my naked body, and I remain quietly there just moaning in pleasure.

After a while he turns me around and bends me over leaving me in that position ready to receive him. He takes his time and maybe even rest for a moment having a cigarette while watching me there, me in four legs with my head close to the ground and my ass up in the air with my legs spread apart.

I know he is watching my ass with a devilish smile in his face yet he is doing nothing but seating there behind me enjoying that I am completely submitted to him. He owns me at that moment! And I love to be his, waiting for him to decide to fuck me!


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Then he throws away the cigarette butt and goes to take another butt…mine!

He grabs me from my hips so I cannot move, and proceeds to introduce his cock in my ass. Slowly he goes in and then starts to thrust me; every time faster and harder, while I remain quietly there with my eyes closed enjoying everything.

He is enjoying himself fucking this stranger who he knows is a man that feels like a woman; wants to be treated like a woman, and was secretly waiting for a man to fuck him.

Maybe he is not into men; maybe he just wanted to get off and was using the opportunity; maybe after having his relief he will push away this man, call it faggot and spit in his back, to then leave laughing at that crazy fool that thinks he is a woman when he is no more than just an ugly man that cannot ever be confused with a real woman.

I wouldn’t care less, to be honest! I would just remain on the ground, probably tired and with pain in my ass, somehow like pretending to be unconscious while I hear the birds in the sky, the sounds of the breeze and his steps going away, to just wait for a moment before getting up to grab my clothes and walk back to my car to drive home while feeling somehow sad for being used, but at the same time feeling happy that for a brief moment I was a woman for a man to use.

One dream that came true!