Moment of Quietness

055   2013-06-25    10   04 Trips and Adventures               Moment of Quietness


By 3 O’clock in the morning in a November cold month, the lights were static and the whole place seemed to be standing by for some unknown reason to me. Just the water from the fountains was moving as a silent witness of a sleeping city that rested for another night.

Walking nude at the place I could feel the cold air and hear just the sounds of the water. The perfect moment to let my thoughts fly free to explore the hidden corners of mi mind, while the environment provided with the perfect setting to feel human, free and pure once again.

Isn’t it strange somehow, that we tend to search for those specific opportunities when we can finally feel, even if it’s for a brief moment, the freedom of so many rules learned throughout childhood? Like an escape route to the unknown place we somehow know is the right place to be?

The quietness of the place, the peaceful moment, the solitude of a human being, just standing there, enjoying life without restrictions or limiting rules; a moment to reflect about everything and nothing at all…just being!