Summer Nights



Now that summer time is here and temperatures are getting higher, the opportunities to enjoy walks by the lake completely naked present themselves once more.

Obviously I cannot do that by day since the lake is full of people enjoying the place, so I have to wait until night, when only some solitary fishermen are in their boats spending the night in hopes of catching something to take home.

In the first hours of the morning, when there is a full moon high in the sky, like a night creature afraid of sunlight, I go out and get naked to take a pleasant walk in complete nudity by the side of the lake.

The pleasures of the warm temperatures and the breeze gently touching me, going around my naked body, involving me and protecting me like a sweet lover who enjoy sweetly playing with my skin.

A solitary place where the breeze and the water can be heard, together with the many sounds of flying and crawling creatures that seem to never rest; all around the peaceful land that remind me of how must have been maybe a million years ago.




What a pleasurable moment!

Yet there is fear! Not from a wild creature or the land that smoothly extends in front of me, but from the possibility of another human, with different concepts and perceptions from mine, that might not understand my need for nudity in nature.

Someone that might go mainly by customs and laws, and swiftly disregard the animal origins of the human race, and the intrinsic needs that one of them might have and nurture, as an escape of societal pressures and norms that -too often- tend to limit at the same time of protecting. Someone that might appear out of the darkest area in the woods behind the lake and point a crucifying finger to the trespasser of good, civilized behavior.

So the need to remain with an avid eye, searching around in the dim light of a full moon night, for the moving silhouette of another human that might suddenly appear out of nowhere in front of a human creature that has forgotten for a brief moment that still pertains to a society.

But the pleasures…and I can’t deny also the thrill, that push me to go out at night in summertime to enjoy the breeze and gentle solitude that only nature can give. So welcome summer! I’ll be out to enjoy nature no matter what!