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Just a couple of days ago I subscribed and created a profile in a site called “LifeOUT”.

The reason was that I’m still interested in dating and obviously here, although a great venue to tell about my endeavors as an aspirant crossdresser in my own place with my own rules, it doesn’t have the dating part, mostly because this is a one man band.

Over the other site it becomes more difficult to do something because almost everything has to be approved by the ghost in the machine, but the park to go visit and meet others is build in, so I hope it’ll give me the opportunity to date again.

If you want to take a look what am I doing there the place is: and I go by the same name: AwryAngel.

It always seems like a long road ahead when starting something, but I believe soon it’ll be home and the time will go fast (as always) while in the attempt to keep up with things.