Gay Pride

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Yesterday afternoon I went to downtown Denver to have a coffee while watching around the general scene. It really surprised me to see so many lesbians and gays walking around wearing very little and in an open attitude.

Later I discovered it was Gay Pride Day!

If I knew earlier I would have planned to go see it; not to participate but mostly to check out, at one hand the clothes and attitudes, and at the other the reception people gave them.




I don’t consider myself gay but rather a man who has a woman inside, and who can be one or the other at the feelings level, and now working to bring the woman inside to the surface and physical life.

Maybe next year I’ll learn ahead of time about this event and then I would like to go check it out, but dressing as a woman. Not with the intention of participating (or maybe yes), but mostly to be able to walk around dressing as a woman in an environment where nobody would look at me as a weirdo, but rather as another participant in the event, even if he is not marching.

Seems to me a safer way to start going out as a woman for the first time, don’t you think?