Short Dress

050   2013-06-17    07   03 Clothes and Accesories            Short Dress (1)


Using some of my T shirts wrapping them very tight to my butt I was trying to see how it’ll look a very short dress. Mostly to see if my legs and butt would provide the necessary shape required to wear a mini skirt or a tight short dress.

It seems to me a mini skirt can make a woman very sexy and attractive if she has nice legs and butt, and definitely I would like to try that at some point. Obviously it seems necessary to have not only a good shape, but also a smooth skin and a nice color.


050   2013-06-17    07   03 Clothes and Accesories            Short Dress (2)


Definitely my legs need improvement, but the day I took these pictures I didn’t shave, so they can be smoother than they appear in these pictures, and also lately I’ve started to use some chemical tan (those you can buy at grocery stores), so to get a basic tanning before I go for naked sunbathing for a real tan at my secret place deep in the mountains.

In the meantime I got these pictures that give me some idea in which direction should I go, and as soon as I can get some more time I’ll keep advancing the process.

Can’t wait to be ready to wear a nice mini skirt while walking in a public place among people!