Waiting For Time Available

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Unfortunately the available time being completely free to practice crossdressing is so little. As you know it takes time to shave the whole body, do make up and find out what kind of clothing will help me look better as a woman considering my physical characteristics.

Since I don’t know yet how to properly do make up and what kind of clothing should I use, it is now the process of learning all this stuff, and that implies watching instructional videos from crossdressers and taking the time to practice again and again, until a decent result is achieved, and that takes dedication, which implies time available.


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Right now I’m in the middle of using this summer to complete several home improvements projects that have been in the to-do list for years, and trying to get a warehouse where I can have my personal stuff and a place where I can “hide” and try the crossdressing in general, and also be used as a meeting place to have sex with men.

I assume by the end of summer I should be done with the home improvements part, and by the end of fall should have the warehouse ready to be my second and personal home.

By then it’ll be winter again, and the possibilities to go out naked will be reduced notably, so I guess it’ll be a good time to practice and learn the in and out of crossdressing, so for next spring I can be ready.


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Having the knowledge of what to do, how to do it, and owning the right stuff, should help me in being able to crossdress faster, thus allowing me to do it in a shorter amount of time, more often, and in a more productive way.

So for now it is about completing the to-do list so to get it out of the way; then preparing the warehouse, and then spend winter time learning about crossdressing. By spring 2014 y should be able to take lots more pictures and videos to show here, and to be ready for dating again, this time having my own place to play!

But still, in the meantime I’ll keep taking short amounts of time to “escape” and get pictures and videos to show you whatever progress I’m doing in this crazy transformation from man to temporary woman; so stay tuned!