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This picture was taken a couple of years ago, and as you can see, it’s like everything went wrong with the camera, focus, etc. When looking at it again yesterday the short story below came to my mind. As with many of my “bad” pictures, I tend to make fun and use a little sarcasm on myself.



My vehicle suddenly died on me while driving, so I have no option but to coast it to one side of the road and try to find out what the problem was.

After several attempts to start it and realizing everything was dead, no power, I finally gave up and just stood there, seating, waiting for an idea to come up.

There was a flash of light in the sky and then a strong smell, similar to that when someone is arc welding, then I saw it…

The figure of an humanoid walking in a funny way and looking around as if confused and not knowing where to go.

My first impulse was to run away as fast as I could, but then curiosity got the best of me and I just stood there inside the car, watching this strange creature walk by.

After a couple of minutes I remembered my camera and quickly grabbed it to take some pictures as proof of what I was witnessing.

I suppose the authorities detected the presence of the strange creature or the flash of light in the sky since, just after about five minutes, I could hear sirens of police cars approaching the area at high speed.

Then the humanoid stopped walking, looked around, realized the presence of my vehicle close to it and came to inspect it.

My heart was beating at full speed when the strange creature reached the windshield of my car and looked inside.

Those strange eyes that seemed to pertain to a being without thoughts at all…

Then it moved its head to one side, in the direction of the coming police cars and quickly turned around and walked away.

There was a shinning light around it and then it disappears completely out of sight… vanished!

I remained seated inside my car without moving until a series of knocks in the windshield got me out of the trance state I was in.

A police officer was there telling me something, so I rolled down the window and, after listening to his questions I told him everything I saw.

Last night I had nightmares about that strange creature…

I hope I never have another encounter like that ever again!