An Attractive Woman

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In the previous post The Look of a Woman” I mentioned my worries about how difficult it’ll be to become an attractive woman. From all the elements to consider, also there is the problem of how old one is, which perhaps is one of the most complicated parts to deal with. When young the body is usually slim, or at least not so difficult to keep it that way, but when older we all tend to accumulate some extra pounds which are more complicated to get rid of. Another element is the skin, which when young is naturally smooth and without wrinkles to deal with, but then they appear and become a nightmare for women.

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After searching the internet for pictures of older women who are attractive, I found the two in this post (second and third). As you can see, even though these women are not of smooth skin and a perfect body, they are still very attractive!

These pictures make me wonder what really are the most important elements to deal with when trying to become an attractive woman and as you can see, these ladies base their attractiveness in being slim and having a nice smile, more than body shape and/or clothing selection.

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All this makes me think that perhaps we tend to give too much importance to youth as a primordial part of sexuality, when even with some years and wrinkles on board we can still be attractive enough to get a man interested in going intimate.

Obviously with this look it is understood that no young guys will be interested, but to be honest, I don’t want to be involved with a young man. My preferences are of an older man, in his 50-70’s; so it seems, when not too complicated with the requirements, it is fairly possible to get a decent result, even if we are already walking the fifties.

What do you think? Do these two older ladies look attractive to you?