The Look of a Woman

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I’ve been very upset for a while thinking how difficult is to change the look so to resemble a woman, until I started to pay more attention around.

You see, in an attempt to learn what should I do in order to really look like a woman; what should I dress; how should I walk and move, etc. I disregarded a very important point: What kind of woman do I want to look like!

While observing around to women passing by, so I can learn and copy what they do, I realized that I was concentrating in how to look sexy, hot, desirable by men, so they would want sex with this woman, and I completely missed the point of how to look like a woman!

Now I realize that there are several kinds of women, and the big majority of them are not sexy at all, and not desirable by a man. They can’t be confused for a man and anyone would see that they are women, but just not attractive at all!

This brings me to the point of what kind of woman I want to be. Do I want to be the sexiest and more desirable by men that I can be? Or just pass for a woman anywhere without being questioned if that is a man or a woman?

The point and the difference are important since, to just look like a woman, even if she isn’t desirable, then the process is sort of very simple and easily achieved. The problems start when the desire is to be a very sexy and attractive woman, because then every detail has to be considered, and in a way that all those details can stand close and constant scrutiny.

To be just a woman all that seems to be necessary is to cover the darkness of the face with some make up base; use make up in eyes and lips and wear woman clothes. With that, one can look like a woman, although a not attractive one, but in today’s society there are so many unattractive women that it really wouldn’t make much difference.

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When the goal is to look like a very attractive and desirable woman the whole process becomes a lot more complicated. There is the problem of the physical shape, which has to be slim, curved and proportional for a woman. There is the problem of the face, which has to be very smooth, without any blemishes, and with a very soft and fragile look. There is the problem of the clothing also, that has to be well chosen and neatly worn. And there is the problem of the movement, like when walking, gesticulating, blinking eyes, sweet voice, etc.

As you can see, if the goal is just to look like a woman, and with all the women out there that are out of shape, walk and move like a football player and have no sweetness at all, the process becomes very simple. One can look and pass as a woman, although nobody will be interested, which also translates into less questioning from around so it is a safe thing.

If the goal is to be the sexiest, more attractive and desirable woman that can be achieved, then the process it’s going to be long and hard (I’m not talking about a cock…you sick puppy!).

So it seems the majority of the difficulties I see in reaching my goal are that I am aiming for a sexy and desirable woman, and not just to look like a “common” one among the crowd. It makes it more difficult for me since I’m aiming to be a sexy and attractive woman, not only with clothes on (which allows to cover up tricks like fake boobs and hips with fabric), but also naked, so to be able to visit a beach and still get the desired results.

Oh well! I can see that it’s going to be a long road, but at least now I understand that it is because I’m aiming for the big trophy!  :)



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