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It’s been walking and searching for I don’t know how long. The vastness of the place where only the wind can be heard sometimes becomes overwhelming. No one around, no one else to see and no signs or marks that maybe someone used to be here and is no longer to be found. It simply looks like I’m the only one inhabiting this strange and solitary place.

So I walk in a forever journey in search for someone else that might be somewhere, and with whom we can become the only two in this planet, but happy to have each other.

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I can’t deny the beauty of the land and the joy of eternal silence; the opportunity to walk completely naked for hours feeling the sun and the breeze in my skin, and the strange and selfish pleasure of ownership of a whole planet.

Just watching all the beauty around; the clean waters and the many birds that seem to be my only (even though distant) company, I cannot less but be amazed for how lucky I am to be here.

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Sometimes the animal instincts from within come out to play tricks in my mind, and to change the quietness of the body into the uncontrollable need for sex and mating. So my cock becomes hard and I feel restless, switching from the contemplative mode while exploring the land around into a more urgent need for release of the body desires.

Lying on my back and watching the sky above for a moment allows me to feel that I’m ready for someone to seat on top of me, and together find the pleasure of sex and relief that my cock craves; closing my eyes and imagining someone touching, sucking and playing with it while getting it inside his or her body, so we both can play.

Then the burst of pleasure by the uncontrollable shaking of our bodies when we reach the ecstasy we crave and need, to then feel the returning calm to our now tired bodies, knowing then that we have each other.

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Other times the instincts of my body tell me to lay face down and let my ass be exposed for someone willing to take it. Closing my eyes again I can imagine hands running all over my body and a warm cock going inside me to take me and own me. So the pleasures of giving myself up to someone create that sweet tingling sensation all over my skin.

Strong hands holding me, while I can feel a cock playing inside my body, so I just close my eyes and give myself to my owner for his pleasure, which is also my pleasure.

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Then the walking without destination resumes, in search of someone else living in loneliness in this vast and beautiful land that cannot be just for one, until night comes once more so to signal the moment to rest

But while in the eternal journey in search for the other, the joy of being here and having all of this paradise like land keeps home in my solitary but happy heart.