Reservoir Road


One night long ago on winter time I was driving through the dam road, which is a solitary, elevated road, that you can get there from any of the two ends, and that extends for about one mile.

Let me explain: the dam road is over the edge of the dam, so is an elevated, two way road enclosed by safety barriers and you can use it to go around the dam quickly without using the normal roads around. You enter in one end and drive for about one mile to the other end, and you can always see both ends from any place in the road.

The road is about one mile long and the maximum speed allowed is 40 mph, so it takes you about 90 seconds to drive the road from one end to the others, which means if you are standing in the middle of the length of the road it’ll take anybody 45 seconds to get to you.

With these conditions at hand you can see that is pretty easy to stop halfway on the road (which is illegal) and see when someone is coming from any end and still have about 30 seconds before they reach you (15 seconds safety margin) for you to get in your vehicle and drive away.

I don’t have to tell you my thoughts at that moment! I stopped in the middle, kept the engine running and lights on, proceeded to take my clothes off and got completely naked, then grabbed the tripod and camera and set them to take a couple of shots. I took several pictures while always keeping an eye in both ends of the road for anyone approaching. Fortunately for me it was about 3:30 in the morning in a cold winter night with about 20 degrees, so traffic was very scarce at that moment.

I remained there for about 10 minutes taking pictures until I saw lights from a car coming from one of the ends, so decided that it was enough and got in my vehicle and drove away before the other car got too close, so they wouldn’t know I was standing in the road.

My heart was racing and I was thinking of a place to park after the dam road so I could get my clothes on again since when I saw the car I grabbed the camera and tripod and got in my vehicle to drive away as soon as possible without putting anything on. I was driving naked!

It also was an interesting experience to be driving naked but I was afraid that someone could see me and call the police; if I got stopped by the police and I am naked in my vehicle for sure I would be arrested.

At the same time it went to my mind that I should try someday driving naked, maybe in a road trip, who knows, I’ll see.

As soon as I left the dam road I found an empty parking lot pertaining to an office building, so I stopped and got dressed before resuming my driving home.

What a crazy night!