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Trip to the Mountains

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Just a couple of days ago I went to the mountains to the secluded area I’ve been before. Many of the pictures and videos in a mountain setting are from that place. Unfortunately I didn’t have time sooner this year, so the last time I was there was in October 2012, until a couple of days ago when finally was able to go again.


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It is two and a half hours driving to get to the area, and then is another hour walking to reach the solitary place I go. It is long but worth the time and effort since it is an area with no sign of civilization around but just an open space with a lake, smooth hills and all kinds of birds. Sometimes you get to see some deer, coyotes and a couple of squirrels too.


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This time the temperature was around 80 degrees, sunny, and with a slight breeze, so it was perfect! And with no one around and just the sounds of the breeze in my ears and the birds by the lake and flying above, it just couldn’t be any better! I took some time to make a couple of videos and then just to enjoy the place and the solitude, until the time to go back to my car and to civilization once again.


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In future posts I’ll show you more pictures and videos. For now I have to go through the material to classify and organize, so it’ll take me a couple of days to get there. In the meantime, here are some pictures of that trip dressing as a woman instead of a man, plus some others.


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Moment of Quietness

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By 3 O’clock in the morning in a November cold month, the lights were static and the whole place seemed to be standing by for some unknown reason to me. Just the water from the fountains was moving as a silent witness of a sleeping city that rested for another night.

Walking nude at the place I could feel the cold air and hear just the sounds of the water. The perfect moment to let my thoughts fly free to explore the hidden corners of mi mind, while the environment provided with the perfect setting to feel human, free and pure once again.

Isn’t it strange somehow, that we tend to search for those specific opportunities when we can finally feel, even if it’s for a brief moment, the freedom of so many rules learned throughout childhood? Like an escape route to the unknown place we somehow know is the right place to be?

The quietness of the place, the peaceful moment, the solitude of a human being, just standing there, enjoying life without restrictions or limiting rules; a moment to reflect about everything and nothing at all…just being!



Summer Nights



Now that summer time is here and temperatures are getting higher, the opportunities to enjoy walks by the lake completely naked present themselves once more.

Obviously I cannot do that by day since the lake is full of people enjoying the place, so I have to wait until night, when only some solitary fishermen are in their boats spending the night in hopes of catching something to take home.

In the first hours of the morning, when there is a full moon high in the sky, like a night creature afraid of sunlight, I go out and get naked to take a pleasant walk in complete nudity by the side of the lake.

The pleasures of the warm temperatures and the breeze gently touching me, going around my naked body, involving me and protecting me like a sweet lover who enjoy sweetly playing with my skin.

A solitary place where the breeze and the water can be heard, together with the many sounds of flying and crawling creatures that seem to never rest; all around the peaceful land that remind me of how must have been maybe a million years ago.




What a pleasurable moment!

Yet there is fear! Not from a wild creature or the land that smoothly extends in front of me, but from the possibility of another human, with different concepts and perceptions from mine, that might not understand my need for nudity in nature.

Someone that might go mainly by customs and laws, and swiftly disregard the animal origins of the human race, and the intrinsic needs that one of them might have and nurture, as an escape of societal pressures and norms that -too often- tend to limit at the same time of protecting. Someone that might appear out of the darkest area in the woods behind the lake and point a crucifying finger to the trespasser of good, civilized behavior.

So the need to remain with an avid eye, searching around in the dim light of a full moon night, for the moving silhouette of another human that might suddenly appear out of nowhere in front of a human creature that has forgotten for a brief moment that still pertains to a society.

But the pleasures…and I can’t deny also the thrill, that push me to go out at night in summertime to enjoy the breeze and gentle solitude that only nature can give. So welcome summer! I’ll be out to enjoy nature no matter what!





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Just a couple of days ago I subscribed and created a profile in a site called “LifeOUT”.

The reason was that I’m still interested in dating and obviously here, although a great venue to tell about my endeavors as an aspirant crossdresser in my own place with my own rules, it doesn’t have the dating part, mostly because this is a one man band.

Over the other site it becomes more difficult to do something because almost everything has to be approved by the ghost in the machine, but the park to go visit and meet others is build in, so I hope it’ll give me the opportunity to date again.

If you want to take a look what am I doing there the place is: and I go by the same name: AwryAngel.

It always seems like a long road ahead when starting something, but I believe soon it’ll be home and the time will go fast (as always) while in the attempt to keep up with things.



My Hairy Butt

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A close view of my hairy butt…

I really enjoy when someone touches my butt and moves his hand all around and squeezes and gives me a sweet spanking.

I do not like being so hairy, rather would have a smooth skin without all the hair in my body, butt unfortunately that’s the way it is and it seems many guys prefer to have sex with a guy with a hairy body…still…


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Some time ago I started shaving my whole body and even though it sometimes is a pain in the ass, I do love the results.

A smooth skin and a nice and feminine butt for a man to enjoy!

And for me the incentive to be naked in open places, knowing my butt (and body) look better, but perhaps more important…look more normal!