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Being in the position shown in these pictures makes me feel very vulnerable, yet it is so special that it makes me get horny and aroused extremely fast! Perhaps is the fact that we tend to associate this position with being fucked, which means being taken and used by another man for his own pleasure. Every time I get in this position, especially if it is in the outdoors, I feel so small, so vulnerable, and like giving up myself for others to have fun at my expense.

If I get in this position while being alone in my bedroom, just the fact of being like this gets me aroused in a flash. If I get in this position while in the outdoors like in these pictures, not only I get aroused in a flash, but also my heart beats at a faster pace due to knowing that I don’t know if there is someone hiding while watching me, and planning to attack me by surprise to fuck me!

I can’t deny that the thought of being watched and desired add lots more to the feelings of pleasure and to the arousal, and even though the thought of being attacked adds mostly the sense of vulnerability and a certain feeling of fear, still is very enticing! Perhaps that fear is one of the things that add more due to give the feeling of surrendering oneself to another man, which basically would be the feeling of becoming a sexual slave!

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When analyzing these feelings I can only conclude that it is to feel like a woman since I believe a man wouldn’t like to be fucked, but by the opposite, he would definitely prefer to be the one fucking. When I analyze myself I can conclude that in some instances I want to be the one fucking, yet in others I really want to be the one being fucked.

When watching pictures of naked men the direction of the desire would depend in what’s in the picture. If the man portrayed is one with a very feminine look, a smooth skin, a slim body, and in a position like this, my male part comes out pretty quick and wants to fuck that sweet ass. If the man in the picture is hairy, and with a nice cock (doesn’t matter the size of the cock or the belly and how old he is) then my female part comes out and makes me want to drop to my knees and start sucking his cock, and then turn around to this position to be his and to let him take me, fuck me and use me as he wants.

Now, I still haven’t been fucked and definitely want to try it! Just the thought of being taken by another man and penetrating me while holding me tight with strong arms and feeling his agitated breath in my neck, like a wolf feasting in its prey, makes me really horny! My only concern right now, and that stop me from going out to a public street completely naked screaming “Somebody fuck me please!” is the strong possibility of pain, bleeding and contracting an infection (well, to be honest I wouldn’t go out to a public street completely naked screaming “Fuck me, fuck me”) LOL

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But I do want to try it and perhaps it is mostly a matter of finding a man willing to take it slowly and in a caring way: A man that would take his time and would treat me as a woman. Then I would feel as a woman for him and will enjoy giving up myself for his pleasure.

Oh well, I guess there must be so many men in my same situation that are getting nothing or very little. So I’ll continue to change my physical appearance to the one of a woman in hopes that at some point an older man would step up and say “I’ll fuck you”!

Now I understand when some gurls insist they want to be a little whore for someone!  :)