Public Toilet

035   2013-05-29    06   04 Trips and Adventures               Public Toilet

A couple of years ago, when just beginning to do nudity and taking pictures, I found myself in a situation that was really tempting to do a nude shot and I had to try it! It was like an impulse that I simply couldn’t control anymore. The conditions where all there for me to give it a try and experience the situation

I parked my vehicle close to the entrance and close to the public bathrooms; them proceeded to take all my clothes off in the back seat of the car and put on just the essentials: pants, T shirt and tennis shoes, then walked out of the vehicle carrying with me just the keys and the camera.

I went to the public restrooms and checked that nobody was around, like it supposes to be at 3 O’clock in the morning, then took a look inside and out to make sure there was no surveillance system in place.

After verifying that all was clear, and with my heart racing in anticipation I proceeded to go back inside and find a toilet that was clean enough to hold my clothing; then, and after several seconds of indecision, I proceeded to take all my clothes off and get completely naked.

At first I didn’t want to move away from my clothes in case someone appears and I had to put on everything in a hurry, but after a couple of minutes I started to feel more confident due to the silence and lack of movement everywhere.

Then I looked around trying to find an appropriated surface where to set the camera to start taking pictures. After a couple of minutes I found one and set the camera to auto shot (the one that gives you 10 seconds to pose before shooting) and stood in front of the urinary like I was using it and waited for the camera to snap a shot; then I went to check the picture and repeated the process several times to make sure it’ll be a picture good enough where people could clearly see that I was naked in a public restroom.

Some people like to write their name on the wall of places they have been, but that doesn’t appeal to me: “Angel Was Here” doesn’t make any sense to me, instead, I like to have a picture of me naked to remember the place, the moment, and the feeling at the time of taking that picture.

I know I’m crazy! LOL